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by Inmates' Voices

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INMATES’ VOICES - Voix de Détenus, est une création musicale sur des textes de prisonniers.
Ces textes ont été écrits spécialement pour ce projet par des détenus condamnés à mort aux USA. Ils ont ensuite été sélectionnés par de jeunes compositeurs qui les ont mis en musique. Les chansons nées de cette collaboration sont interprétées par huit chanteurs romands.

Prêter voix à des prisonniers, c'est leur donner l'opportunité d'exister en dehors de leur cellule, c'est permettre à leurs mots de nous toucher.
Laissez-vous emporter par ces voix de prisonniers...


released January 16, 2017


Constance Jaermann, soprano 1
Estelle Vidon, soprano 2
Joséphine Maillefer, alto 1
Silvia Contaldo / Irene Ratti, alto 2
Bastien Masset, ténor 1
Dominique Tille, ténor 2
Alain Carron, basse 1
Florent Perdrix, basse 2



all rights reserved


Inmates' Voices Lausanne, Switzerland

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Track Name: This little cell
Music Dominique TILLE

Death sits in this little cell with me,
His face is shrouded but his smile I see
the time is not yet,
as he will not come so readily
and I will not go so easily
Track Name: Welcome to my world
Author James Aren DUCKETT

Welcome to my world… Routine…boredom… prison food served on dirty trays… Cold… Scraps… Made up meat…

Laundry dirty to exchange… who had this
on? Why no bleach to clean… safety
reasons… why… I may harm myself?

Haven’t in 25 years on death row… why
would I, now?

Cantines services mob rules… no job no
pay-check… How do you continue to go up
on prices and expect us to buy… lough out

state says it cost 65 $ a day to keep me … here.. been a pleasure to be here over
9’000 day…
could anyone use “580’000” ? Talk about waste… what about legal cost … what
about right or wrong… what about being Innocent! Help…
Track Name: For what he makes us
Author Darryl S. STINSKI
Music Alessandro HUG

The pendulum swings across, cutting my soul to pieces
They say « walk away, just walk away »

I’ve been walking my whole life, all I ever got: A cell in hell, in having the breath of death every second…every minute…every hour…
Day …after month…becoming years…
The pieces breaking down into dust to be swept up and thrown away…Forgotten
The world saying
« Monster…Heartless…Soulless »

I am there dirty secret shame
The mirror reflecting their own darkness, their own festerling pustule of a soul.
They just have better masks to wear…better chains to hold the beast within…
I feed mine the shadows I live in…
I know my beast and accept him for what he makes us…Whole can you say the same…
Track Name: No one knows
Author Spoon JACKSON
Music Joséphine MAILLEFER

No one knows you
were once a dreamer
With your own nest
in a forever sky

You leaned into my heart
like a willow's shadow
at dusk, full of dark love

No one knows you
were once a Empress,
a goddess

And you moved in ways
none could calculate
In circles none could see
Track Name: Hello World
Author Paul Anthony BROWN, inspired by Johnny Cash
Music Joanne GAILLARD

I look out my window today
to see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
the only thing thats real
but I remember everything. -
"Hello world, how you been,
good to see you now my old friend.

The feelings of despair
like I'm never going to see the world again

what have I become
my sweetest friend
everyone I know
goes away in the end
I see your little house
your little dreams faith and friends
"hello world"
Track Name: Enjoy life
Music Sarah LANCMAN

Enjoy life : You never know what's around the corner or down the road.

Enjoy life for none of us knows what tomorrow may bring

There are so many things that I wish that I would have done - and unfortunately that time has passed for me forever.

So please don't let this happen to you - enjoy life and take advantage of everyday, and everything you want to do.
Track Name: Scheduled executions
Music Joséphine MAILLEFER

Warm, love, tender, smile,
family, friends, share, care,
air, wind, taste, rain,
enjoy, touch, secure, life.
Track Name: The Rose
Author Anthony WELCH
Music Félix BERGERON

This rose is made of paper,
a fact that’s sad but true…
It’s not as pretty as the ones god made,

But it’s the best that I can do.
Never touched by morning- dew,
these tears I hold behind my eyes,
keep it watered just for you
God made his for the world to see,

mine was made just for you.
So when you’re feelin- down or blue,
as I know you often do
Look upon this rose of mine,
and know that I love you.
Track Name: The Unknown
Author Ronald W. CLARK, Florida
Music Julien MEGROZ

We live, we love, and then we die.
Leaving loved ones behind to cry.

Not understanding what life is about
So much grieving because of doubt
Skin, blood, muscle, and bone
It's not death we fear, it's the unknown.

A soul or form of energy
What happens when it's set free?
No one knows this for sure
And until that day there is no cure.
No cure for grieving, no cure for pain,

A grave site is all in vain.
For flowers they are giving
Yet the grave is for the living.
So few answers, so many questions.
Maybe life is all, all about lessons?
Track Name: My Spirit and I
Author Dennis Mayfield BREWER
Music Guy-François Leuenberger

Sitting still
Inside my mind,
I lock onto time.

Quietness I seek
Inside me is all my peace.

Denied, Deprived and Unsatisfied
With the outer realm
I dive deep,
and the deeper I go the better I am.

Knowing that all what I need
is with me,
I take command of myself
and in my own time
I cool my mind,
and let my spirit move me.

With my spirit guiding me
I come to soon embrace my goal,
to be at oneness with my spirit.

Created Pure!
My spirit never denies me,
as it is this body that comes with outer limits,
that I seek daily to notice,
and embrace so that I can overcome
and be free.

At oneness with my spirit
My soul is full of joy.

Once again,
creativity overflows me,
and at my finger tips
come forth love
in the forum of a melody.

With every colour of a rainbow
My artistic skills flow,
and dance so gracefully
until I have to let them go,
and within a matter of time
My spirit "I" express
and freedom is mine ...
Track Name: Humility
Author Demetrius HOWARD
Music Tristan GIOVANOLI

Everyday I breathe
I am humbled to still be.
Every smile I see
it touches me.
For much pain has humbled me.

Many tears I've seen
because people want peace.
The humility that is whithin me
comes from God, you see.
The darkness and pain I see
Going on around the world
trembles me.
My spirit and soul has no peace.

My mind can't rest.
No pleasureable sleep.
Unrest I feel
because of all the hurt
and pain around me.

Family broken apart,
mothers and children hungry.
Sick with disease, dying painfully,
because the humility in caring is lost,
replaced with blinded eyes
of unfeeling selfish deeds.

The humility in you buried within.
But my humility will bring you to life.
Track Name: Let me fly
Author Jose BUSANET, Pennsylvania
Music Renaud DELAY

Do you believe in angels?
Le me fly, let me fly
Let me feel the wind beneath my wings

Let me fly away from sorrow
I hate my yesterdays
So I can't promise you tomorrow

I want to fly far, far away
Away from hate, away from this
Away from life cause I'm so sick
I want to fly away, how sick am I

Can't you see or hear my cries

Let me fly, just let me fly

Don't want to feel this pain of mine

So soon I'll fly away from you
So do you believe in angels?
Cause I sure do!
Track Name: My time
Lyrics (extraits) Dennis Mayfield BREWER
Music Dominique TILLE

Deep in the late night hour, / My soul blossoms
a love flower, / Seeking for what brings me
peace and joy, / Consciously, I knock at the door
And my subconscious welcomes me home,

I shake the dust off my essence, / I shower in
the bliss of peace, love and harmony, / Music fills
my heart, /

I desire peace
Track Name: Day by day
Lyrics: Robin Lee ROW
Music Joséphine MAILLEFER

I wake up and feel the sun in my face
Hear the birds singing, the people talking
And I go to wake you for the new day,
But I realize you're not there.
It’s just another day without you!

I go downstairs to make your favorite meal,
Scrambled eggs with ham and orange juice.
I call to you that breakfast is ready,
But I realize you aren’t there.
It’s just another day without you!

I come home from work and rush in to greet you,
See you run to me and throw your arms around me,
And you tell about your day.
But I realize you're not there.
It’s just another day without you!

I go to see if you took your bath,
Washed behind the ears,
And brush your teeth,
But I realize you're not there.
It’s just another without you!

I will never get to comb your hair again,
See your smiling on your bike, enjoy your hugs and kisses,
For you're not there!

It's just another day without you.